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for a very brief time on saturday the moon will turn an orangey red depending on conditions during an easter weekend lunar eclipse although the east coast of the united states will be shut out of this particular blood moon in the sky it s just the third of four such eclipses spanning a period of a couple years an event known as, the century and the millennium the blue moon - the century and the millennium cardinalists vs ordinalists scully and besides 2001 is actually the start of the new millennium mulder nobody likes a math geek scully, the day of the lord the event that starts the end of the - you are here home end time bible prophecy the day of the lord the event that starts the end of the world, what is a blue moon time and date - there are two definitions of a blue moon both are a type of full moon if the moon actually looks blue it s caused by a rare type of dust in the atmosphere in 2018 there were two full moons in january and there are also two in march in most time zones this is sometimes called a double blue, pluto a planet again it may happen this year the crux - 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